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The school's core coaches have been with Four Seasons Tennis since it opened in January 2002 and are certified by the Australian Tennis Professional Coaches Association and/or Tennis Australia. Within this cohort of gifted coaches is a balanced range of skill and competitive backgrounds which allows for a truly optimum tennis experience.

Julio El Akl

Founder / Master Coach
The Four Seasons Tennis School founder, Julio El Akl is a Master Professional Level 3 qualified tennis coach, former tour player and is President of the Australian Tennis Professional Coaches Association Ltd (ATPCA). He has been appraised as a coaching presenter at the highest level by Tennis Australia and has mentored over 1,200 tennis coaches throughout Australia and around the world for over a decade. He brings an in-depth knowledge garnered over 15 years during sojourns in the USA, UAE, South America, Middle East and Australia.
Julio set up Four Seasons Tennis School over a decade ago and works privately with students on the fusion of the psychological, mental and strategic elements of match play.

C. Strachan-Brown

Head Coach
Cato is a Master Professional Level 3 qualified tennis coach. He has been coaching at Four Seasons Tennis School for 15 years and has been the school's Head Coach for the past 12 years. Cato has played several junior competitions in the local area and now focuses on developing the school's Junior Development Program through the teenage squad system. He is a qualified personal fitness trainer which feeds into his vision of junior sport development.
Cato works well with all ages and demands energy and commitment from all his group students. But he also provides a high level of expertise as a coach of private students. He is Co-Director and co-proprietor of the school.

Tony Strachan

General Manager / Coach
Tony has been coaching at Four Seasons Tennis School for over 14 years and has been manager since 2006. He is a Level 2 qualified Tennis Coach and has a range of teaching experiences with juniors and adults of all ages, with his previous experience as a high school teacher and through his work with the Deaf community. With 50 years of playing the great game of tennis he has his own set of practical and insightful hints to offer the wide range of players whom he meets at Marrickville and other centres. Tony is Co-Proprietor of Four Seasons Tennis School.

Commanding presence on court, whether with children or adults. In 2015, he took on the role of University Games Tennis Team Manager with aplomb, and during his tertiary years was awarded a number of scholarships.

Zain Rahmat

Zain is a Master Professional Level 3 qualified tennis coach and was ranked in the top 50 players as a junior in Australia. He competed in the satellite and Future Event tour for some years and still competes in club competitions in Sydney and beyond. Zain specialises in coaching our school's advanced adults in the private coaching program. His playing experience over the years as a top junior and A-grade adult player gives him a great depth of understanding of technique, strategy and pressure situations, which he imparts eloquently to his students. He is renowned for his calm personality and understanding manner.


Arlyn has been coaching for over 5 years, mainly at Gosford Tennis Centre and Killara Lawn Tennis Centre. He has been administrator too of the Northern Suburbs Tennis Association and has directed several tournament events over the years. His knowledge of digital competition software is extensive and his experience as a UNSW academic tutor has also led him to develop into a firm and commanding presence on court, whether with children or adults. In 2015 he took on the role of of University Games Tennis Team Manager with aplomb, and during his tertiary years was awarded a number of scholarships.

Reinaldo Hidalgo

Reinaldo first played tennis as a child using a fallen tree log as a net and surrounded by huge cactus plants. Many a time he retrieved the ball at great cost. Bloody gashes on his arms hardened him up until he graduated to a proper tennis school in Caracas where he rose to the top of the rankings in his country. His coaching career emerged after much success on the South American circuit and he moved to Australia to take the reins at a private girls' school.


Sharon took to the racquet at 6 years of age under the training of her father (a qualified coach) and brother. She competed nationally and was ranked top 300 in Australia before deciding to commit to her studies. Sharon's coaching career began at the age of 15, and she also found time during her tertiary studies to represent UNSW to take out Silver at national competitions. Her other hat is as a digital marketing specialist. In both spheres she lives by the motto: 'If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you'.


Jeong has played tennis for as long as he can remember and is an inspriration to his younger siblings. At FSTS he fills a similar place with a supportive, patient and warm approach to children, especially during their times of frustration. He is constantly playing in tournaments in NSW to balance his studies and has developed a fine serve to strike fear into his opponents. He has been trained by Cato, the Head Coach of FSTS and is a member of the Australian Professional Coaches Association.

Troy Warner

Troy has been coaching with Four Seasons since 2007. He grew up in country NSW and has been involved with tennis his whole life. He is fortunate to be able to play around the globe throughout the year and has coached regularly for many years in both Singapore and Australia.
He still enjoys playing competitive tennis at A1 level and lives by the adage that "too much tennis is barely enough". He has also completed fitness training courses and guarantees lessons with a high level of activity and regular ground stroke feedback.

Jill Westwater

Jill has a long history of competitive tennis and coaching. In her youth she entered and won a number of UK tennis tournaments and comps, both in singles and doubles. At the same time she was improving herself at St Andrews University completing a degree in psychology. This catapulted her into work as a Training and Development Consultant. With a move to Australia and a new horizon as a mother, Jill completed the LTA Tennis Assistant course in September 2004 and spent a year enlightening 7 to 9 year-olds. She qualified as an ATPCA tennis coach Level 1 in 2012, and then in 2013 went on to complete her Level 2. She is not only a gifted coach but is an accredited tennis official for Tennis Australia and Tennis NSW, for whom she officiates at major Australian Tournaments, including the Australian Open.

Tracey MacMillan

Tracey has been playing competitive tennis for 36 years in Australia and the UK, and coaching for 22 years. Tracey has been extensively mentored by key gurus within the tennis industry. She is a true student of the sport with an immense passion for tennis player and coach education. She is a presenter with the ATPCA, delivering coach education courses in NSW. Following a successful career in policing and international relations, she is often quoted saying, "I feel happy each time that I step on a tennis court - tennis satisfies my body, mind and soul... be your happiness".

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